8 Day Guajira Explorer!

Explore the Guajira by motorbike!

Day 1: Santa Marta to Buritaca. 6 hours ride time.
We meet at our office at 9 AM and get everyone set up on their motorcycles, complete the safety briefing, finish the paperwork, and get everything strapped down on the bikes. Then around 10am we set off down the coast. Today starts fast with a quick zip up the coast to an off road route named Quebrada del Sol. This is a 4-hour loop that reaches 1,100 metres above sea level, crossing rivers, steep climbs, rocky embankments, grassy plains, and muddy stretches, as well as an indigenous village that we stop in for a short break and to have a look around! We will stay at Rancho Relaxo that night and rest for the days ahead!
Day 2: Buritaca to Riohacha. 3 hours ride time.
We get up, have breakfast and go on Day 2. We will stop a few times in local villages along the beautiful coast for lunch, drinks, snacks etc. We will arrive to Riohacha early in the day giving us plenty of time to hang out on the beach, start some kite surfing lessons, or simply just rip around the desert. Our accommodation for the night will be at Pura Guajira Hostel.
Day 3: Riohacha to Cabo de la Vela. 5 hours ride time.
After breakfast in Riohacha we head up the coast towards Manaure, riding a couple of hours on a mix of brand new, asphalt highway, and winding, single-track, dirt roads. In Manaure we team up with a local guide to go explore the indigenous salt fields containing 100’s of multi-coloured pools of salt water pulled from the ocean, which when dried, leaves the salt available for extraction. We grab a quick lunch in Manaure, then start on the last couple of hours to Cabo de la Vela, riding on a hard gravel road, until the final hour spent riding across desert flats to arrive at our accomodation at Rancheria Utta in El Cabo around 4:30pm, just in time for a few drinks on the beach as we watch the local kite-surfers making the most of the fading evening light.
Day 4: Free day
There are a few options to choose from here. If you are feeling like a break from the bikes, kite surfing is by far the most popular activity in Cabo de la Vela, and with 365 days of wind per year and kilometres of shallow, flat water it is the perfect place to learn. If you feel like getting back on the bikes and exploring, you can head out into the desert around Cabo for several hours to ride through some of the more difficult terrains and find some untouched beaches. Pilon de Azucar and El Faro beach are both about a 1-hour ride from Cabo.
Day 5: Cabo de la Vela to Punta Gallinas. 5 hours ride time.
Today will be an early rise, as we need to meet our Indigenous escort for a 6am departure through the desert to Punta Gallinas. The long haul through the desert can be draining in the dry season and exhausting or just straight up not possible during the in the wet season. We assess the conditions the day before, but in most cases we will depart early enough to beat the heat of the day, and arrive in Punta Gallinas for lunch, giving us the rest of the day to explore the harsh beauty of the most northern point in South America. Accomodation tonight is basic, but we will be looked after in large, comfortable hammocks, or basic twin-share rooms, before an early rise to do the trip back to Cabo the next day.
Day 6: Punta Gallinas to Parque Nacional Natural Macuira : 4 Hour Ride Time
Join us for our first ever trip to Parque Nacional Natural Macuira! Macuira is a 25,000-hectare oasis located in the desert of Upper Guajira. 140 different bird species have been recorded at the site—17 of which can be seen there and nowhere else. A number of forest ecosystems can be found within the reserve. The park is virtually unexplored by tourists, and a great portion of the area is inhabited by the indigenous. We will hire a local guide to take us into the park, and show us the oasis in the middle of La Guajira.

Day 7: Parque Nacional Natural Macuira to Riohacha : 6 Hour Ride Time
In the morning, we will once again hire a local guide to take us back into the Oasis; visiting waterfalls, walking through the cloud forest, and checking out the local fauna. After our morning hike, we will hop back on the bikes and start making our way back to Riohacha, blazing through the open deserts. We will arrive in Riohacha that evening, eat some delicious food and get some well-deserved rest.
Day 8: Riohacha to Santa Marta: 4 hours
The last day of the tour we will take our time cruising the coastal highway back to Santa Marta. We can stop at waterfalls, beaches, and local secrets at our leisure. We aim to be back at Drop Bear Hostel around 4 p.m. for some well deserved cervezas!


What to know:


  • Motorcycle and gas
  • ALL Breakfast, lunch, dinners
  • ALL accomodation
  • Entrance fees to all attractions
  • Customizable Adrenaline Addicts/Fox MX jersey
  • Helmet, safety equipment AND medical insurance
  • English and Spanish speaking guides
  • Support vehicle for >5 riders

  • Rider $1,699 USD
  • Passenger: $699 USD
  • GoPro+helmet mount: 25.000 COP/Day
  • Elbow+Knee pads: 20.000 COP/Day
  • Onsite Accommodation at Drop Bear Hostel: Dorm 30.000 COP, Private 125.000 COP
  • ***Kitesurfing lessons and rentals available***

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Long pants
  • Swimsuit
  • Water and snacks
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