Motorcycle Tours and Rental- Santa Marta, Colombia

Welcome to Northern Colombia

Where Jungle, Desert and Beach Come Together

Since 2016 Adrenaline Addicts has offered all-inclusive motorcycle tours and rentals in Santa Marta, Colombia, the best hub for exploring all that Colombia’s north has to offer. From sweeping, open highways stretching hundreds of kilometers along the coast, to intense, muddy off-road tracks that reach 3,000m above sea level, to the harsh but beautiful desert flats of La Guajira in the far east. Northern Colombia is a rider’s dream.

With 3 locations in Santa Marta, Buritaca and Riohacha, we provide services to the entire northern coastline from Cartagena to La Guajira desert, and with our extensive knowledge of hidden gems and riding trails away from the normal tourist path, we guarantee an adrenaline-filled adventure and memories to last a lifetime.

We proudly share our location with Drop Bear Hostel, one of the longest-running and most popular hostels in northern Colombia, who provide our clients with the convenience of air-conditioned rooms, restaurant facilities, bar, and reception staff to help with onward travel plans.

Tour Options

Where ya rippin?

- 2 Day Coastal -
Level: Beginner

- 2 Day Minca -
Level: Intermediate

- Cabo de la Vela -
Level: Intermediate

- 3 Day Coast To Jungle -
Level: Intermediate

- Day Tours -
Level: Beginner to Advanced

- 2 Day Minca BEAST -
Level: Advanced

- 2 Day Coastal BEAST -
Level: Advanced

4 Day Coast to Jungle BEAST
Level: Advanced

12-Day Northern Coastal Adventure
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

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Bikes & Scooters (Per Day)

AKT TTR 125: 125.000 COP

Honda Scooter: 125.000 COP

AKT TTR 180: 150.000 COP

Honda XR-L 150: 150.000 COP


Single Rider Base Prices:

Day Tours: 275.000 COP (95 USD)

2 Day Coastal Tour: 500.000 COP (175 USD)

2 Day Minca Tour: 500.000 COP (175 USD)

2 Day Coastal BEAST: 650.000 COP (230 USD)

2 Day Minca BEAST: 650.000 COP (230 USD)

3 Day Coast to Jungle: 750.000 COP (265 USD)

5 Day Cabo de la Vela: 750.000 COP (265 USD)

4 Day Coast to Jungle BEAST: 1.200.000 COP (420 USD)

12 Day Northern Coastal Adventure: $2,499 USD

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